Jonas Kongsted – Fiddle
Known for his eating abilities, Jonas is a prolific composer and also playes the Double Bass.

Kevin Lees – Fiddle
The odd one out from England, Kevin brings the British influence to the band. He is currently a champion squash player in Denmark.

Frederik Pustelnik – Fiddle
Often named ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ for his unusual square like appearance, Frederik is also an expert Scandinavian dancer. A man of many talents.

Christoffer Dam – Fiddle
A man from the deepest depths of Denmark, Christoffer is a specialist in traditional Danish fiddle music.

Rasmus Nielsen – Piano and Guitar
Rasmus is a coffee and Skittles lover. He is also a credible fiddle player and has taken a liking to playing the guitar recently.

Mathæus Bech – Bass
Proud bassist and Volvo driver, Mathæus has got the bottom end under control.